Dingo for the ZX Spectrum released.



I’m happy to announce that my Spectrum version of Dingo is now completely…complete, and has been released.

The game ”premiered” at the REPLAY EXPO in Blackpool, on november 5th 2011.

For this special occation we produced 60 physical cassette copies which we demoed and sold at cost from The Attic Bug stall at the Expo. The cassettes were all signed by the artist and me, and 50 of them were also numbered while the remaining 10 that were not numbered were made to be given away for free.

Most cassettes were sold at the event but the few unsold copies have all found new owners and there won’t be any more. However, the day after the Expo the game was release as a free download – including all the highres artwork, so if you wish you can make your own.

Go here to read more about the game and to download it.


The two size of cassettes that were sold at the Replay Expo.

The two sizes of cassettes that were sold at the Replay Expo.

Dingo for the ZX Spectrum: finished.

Yay, I just finished my ZX Spectrum remake of Dingo today.

In a fun coincidence it’s also the 21st October today, which means that it’s been exactly 3 months since I started working on this game. That wasn’t planned at all. In fact the game was fully playable after the first month and I expected it to be done a lot earlier, but I’ve spent the two latest months optimising and polishing it, so there’s no doubt it’s now better presented and smoother than it was back then. A better game – time well spent, then. 😉

So this morning I just sent the final version to Mark R. Jones, my artist and musician, who will have the “fun” task of duplicating all the physical copies to be used at this years REPLAY Expo.

There will be a limited run of physical copies on cassette at the REPLAY Expo – all numbered and signed by Mark and me, some to be given away and some to sold at cost price, but it will be made available for free as an emulator download here and at World Of Spectrum, but not until just after the expo.

I hope to be present at the expo myself – I’ve bought a ticket anyway, but I’m having knee surgery just 10 days earlier, so I can’t say for sure if I’m up for it by then, but if you see a guy on crutches that might be me. 🙂



In-game screen

In-game screen

Preparing physical copies for the REPLAY Expo.

Preparing physical copies for the REPLAY Expo.



Dreams, Delays and Dingos

Time flies and it takes long between releases because I seem to start more games than I can manage, and then put them on hold when they’re almost done. This year I’ve been working on my Circular Invaders Game but the guy who helped me fine-tune the gameplay suddenly dropped off the face of the Earth so I put that on hold temporarily.

Then I resumed work on X-Quest 2, which is basically done now but only needs new graphics, and I’d found an artist who seemed really good, but he only delivered one frame and now he’s stopped answering my mails. Not good – especially after just being mentioned in issue 93 of Retro Gamer Magazine. Oh well, it’ll get done…only with a delay.

Before them there is a string of other unfinished remakes, but I’ll get to them in time. Slowly, perhaps, but I’ll get to them. I’m especially looking forward to getting back to work on Black Widow and Psycho Pigs UXB, but I can only work effectively on one game at the time.

All these WIP’s, and the stress I’m putting myself under just by thinking about them, is probably the reason I woke up this morning – stressed over some unfinished tank game (no, I’m not working on any tank games, so who knows why :)). That’s the third morning in a row that I’ve woken up with a dream like that. Can you see why I would really like to finish all my unfinished WIP’s? 😀

Of course, all these delays frustrates me and I decided to put that frustration to good use and channel all that energy into making a new game (typical…see how easy it happens? 😉 ) so I started working on something I’ve wanted to do for almost 30 years – making a new ZX Spectrum game.

And that was the birth of Dingo – a “lost Ultimate game”. I’ve already remade this arcade game back in 2008 for Windows and in 2011 for Mac, but now I’m remaking it again in z80 assembler for the ZX Spectrum. It only took me about a month to make the game and I was lucky enough to atract the attention of Mark R. Jones – who used to work for Imagine and Ocean back in the 80’s – and he has done all the stunning new graphics for the game. The game is currently finished, playable and works as it should, and according to Mark its “stupidly addictive” so I must have done something right. 😀

That being said, the game could still use a bit of spit and polish. I’m currently working on improving the sprite routines (3rd day in a row, argh) and it also needs music and better sound effects, but the plan is to have it completely finished and presented at the retro event, Replay, in Blackpool in November.

You can read more about the development of the game here, and below is a picture of the game.

The Spectrum version of Dingo

The Spectrum version of Dingo

3 Updates and 3 Mac ports.

This must be the biggest update I’ve ever done, so let’s get started.

I’ve taken my 3 games from 2008, Zektor, Space Fury & Dingo and updated the Windows versions. The two primary reasons for updating them was to remove the competition splashscreen and to fix the problematic sound on certain systems, where the sound would be delayed by a second or so. But I’ve also made other changes: They will now check for updates when the score is synced, and inform you if there’s any newer versions available. I’ve also replaced the odd sound here and there. All in all – lots of changes.

However, the even bigger news is that I’ve finally ported something to Mac OSX, and these 3 games are now available for OSX too. I’d like to port Omega Race 2009 and Star Castle too (and perhaps more of my games), but it probably depends on the numbers of downloads and what feedback I get from this.

The links for downloading the games are on their respective pages.

Now available for Mac OSX too.

Now available for Mac OSX too.