More ships in Space Fury.

You may have read that I’m expanding Space Fury to have 4 times the enemies.
Most of that is already done. Tonight I decided that if there are more bosses and more enemies, there should also be more powerups for the player.

Powerups in Space Fury are basically new ships to fly in. You start off with a small red ship and in the original arcade machine you get the choice to dock and add something to your hull. The original game has 3 extra hulls to chose from.

I’ve just implemented a 4th powerup/hull/extraship to chose from.
Here are the 4 expanded ships as they look now. The last yellow one is the new one.

EDIT: It was pointed out to me that the new ship don’t fit in so well with the 3 original ones, because it’s curved. I thought the idea was good at the time but I’m actually not too crazy about it myself – the glow gets a bit to intense because of the higher amount of lines needed to make the curved shape, so I may change the shape to something else when I get a better idea. 🙂

…another Space Fury update

Okay, here we are again, back for some more limited news on Space Fury. 😉

A week has gone by and I haven’t spent my time too well (again). Well, I have made the final 8 new enemies for Space Fury though, but that’s about it – I haven’t done any coding for a week. I still need to make two new bosses, but I asked a friend if he wanted to design them and he did. Which is good. Sort of…I told him he could take a whole month if he needed it, but since I still need to have some voices recorded for the enemies as well, it may have been a mistake – it takes time to get right and it makes more sense to know if you’re doing voices for an alien creature or a robotic being before you start doing it.
Oh, well…perhaps he’ll do it quickly. 🙂

So now I have most of the resources – all the most important ones anyway. Now it’s time to begin coding again, and I’d better not waste too much time because my plan is to be finished with the game by the end of this month…so that’s just 2 more weeks left.

Why the rush?

Well, I’ve thought of another game, for the competition, that I’d like to squeeze in after Space Fury. A very simple but colourful spritebased arcade game. No title yet, I want to see how it goes first. But hey, I’ll have to remake it now…
…I made the logo for it yesterday. I can’t let all that hard work be for nothing. 😀

Oh, BTW, I was asked if I could end Space Fury with a big mothership – an enemy with lots of guns on it that would have to shot off. Well, yes I could…but I’m not going to. Since my mind is pretty much set on trying to make a third game, I can’t begin to add all sorts of things to this game. It’s a good idea but that’ll have to wait until I find a game with a mothership in it, or I come up with an idea for an “original” shooter.

Space Fury update

It’s really been bugging me for a while, that Space Fury is a pretty simple game.
There isn’t much to work with contentwise – the original game has just one boss (the big talking alien…which you don’t battle against) and 4 different enemy ships that you do fight. But really…when you reach wave/level 4 in the original game you stay there and the game just repeats until you lose your final life.

Content Lite ™“…see what I’m talking about? 😉

So what to do?…

Well, I had an idea the other day – “make more enemies“. Simple when you think about it really. 😀

Now the plan is to extend the game to have 4 bosses, of 4 waves (and different enemies) each, for a total for 16 enemies total. That’s 4 times what the original game has – that should (hopefully) keep you people entertained for a while…I hope. 🙂

I’ve already designed one boss (well, I lifted the design from a T-shirt, but don’t tell anyone) and 4 new enemies to go with it. That’s halfway there already. Shouldn’t be a big problem to make some more.
Now I just need to code it as well…but that shouldn’t be a problem either. 😉

Here’s a preview of one of the new enemies.

Stay tunes for more vectors news.

Okay…slight change of plans.


I got sidetracked there for a while. Not only have been playing Burnout Paradise for a week (there’s a new bike addon out – which I completed it tonight so I probably won’t play that again), but for a week or so I’ve also been working on a platform game which I hoped could be my third entry for the competition, but as of tonight it’s been put on hold.

Too bad – it’s a game I’ve been wanting to remake for quite a while but I’m not going to do it if I can’t make it as good as I want it to be. I’ve got the complete map “working”, enemy movement and item placement (on some screens – enough to test if the code works), but it’s the jumping and falling that’s giving me problems…and that has to work in a platform game.

Well, the good thing is that, had I actually completed the game in time, the game would only have used the original graphics – there is no way I could also have redrawn the amount of graphics it has, but now I don’t have to make that compromise. I definitely plan on doing it later – only now I won’t have to make compromises.

So that means I’m back to programming Space Fury. Most of the graphics are already done, so is the menu and I’m currently working on the gameplay. I’ll see if I can get a picture up soon.