Server problems solved…mostly.

It’s been a busy week – I had some help getting my PHP scripts working again last week (thanks Martin) and have spent the last 5 days updating all of them (two for each game). They work slightly differently from the original ones so I’ve also had to update and recompile all the games in the process as well. hard work. 🙂

But now I’m done and they have all been updated and works again – the Windows games anyway.
…the OSX games will have to wait a while as I don’t really have time to fix them right now.



Problems with online scores.

I’ve just been made aware that the online score sync function in my games seems to be broken. Indeed I’ve tried 5-6 Windows games and none of them seems to work and will make the games hang if score-sync is attempted. I’ve not had a chance to check if that goes for the OSX versions too.

I don’t know what’s causing it yet but I will look into it as soon as I can find the time.

The good news is that none of the games will try to connect unless you chose to do so, so all the games are fully playable. But just don’t try to sync your score.

More content on the site

I’ve had an section on my site called “Other Stuff” for a while now – but with nothing in it.
I’ve now (finally) done something about it and put it to good use. Well, use, anyway. 😉

So far there’s four subsections to it;

Four sections so far. There may be more later. Any suggestions?

In the press
It’s always nice when people appreciate what you do, and sometimes it results in a mention in a magazine, perhaps a review or even an interview. There has been a few over the years – especially in Retro Gamer Magazine. I’m collecting what I know of here – mostly so I have it all in one place, but also handy if anyone else wants to see what stands out.

In this section you’ll find “Making of…” articles. As I don’t really blog so much about my games during development you won’t find many details about how they came to be elsewhere, but I’ll try to make some detailed recounts of how development went, in this section. It might be fun to read if you’re into games development – or just curious about it.

My games are free and my site is ad-free. I like it that way – it’s a hobby and I don’t need to generate money from it. Still, if you like my games and feel like you want to show your appreciation by making a donation I’d appreciate it. $1, $5, $10, or whatever amount you feel like…it doesn’t matter – it’s the thought that counts. If you donate I’ll put your name up on this page so everyone can see how cool you are (if you don’t want your name here just let me know).

Games in Limbo
Sometimes there’s too many ideas and too little time to work on them – or you just plainly run out of steam, so once in a while development on something stalls. This section is the limbo that those projects with an uncertain future end up in. Usually I’ve already done a lot of work on them already, so perhaps I’ll resume work on some of them one day…but then again – perhaps not.



Problems downloading games?…not anymore.

I just had a mail yesterday from a guy who couldn’t download any of my games. That was very unfortunate – especially since the problem has probably been there for 3 weeks (I wonder why I didn’t hear about it earlier?)

The reason this happened is probably because my webhost had problems 3 weeks ago, due to extremely heavy rain which basically drowned their server room. All the surviving servers were moved manually to another hostingcenter and many websites were restored from backup – including mine, but appearantly they’d not restored folder permissions accurately, so that affected the script that handles downloads from the site.

It’s working again now and the games are just waiting to be downloaded. 😉 Sorry for any inconvenience.