Good news…and bad.


Well, I suppose Rip Off is done…well, almost anyway. All the important bits are there and the game is fully playable and doesn’t behave in ways it shouldn’t. I still need to make a logo, improve the sound design and do a couple of menu-related tweaks and give some other people a chance to playtest it before I can call it absolutely done. One big hurdle has shown itself though – I had the plan to port it to BlitzMax so I could give the game a last minute sheen of glowiness (which is much easier to do in BlitzMax than in Blitz3D, but Rip Off is programmed in Blitz3D)…well, it turns out that BM’s ‘import B3D’ function is about as usable as a big pile of shit on a plate when you’re hungry – ie. not really what you were hoping for. Complete unusable!

So I’ve started a half-arsed attempt to convert it manually, but that’s a bitch thats riding me hard instead of letting me being the one in control.

So, what do I do? – do I take the whip and show who’s in control, or do I see if I can find an easy-to-use glow-function for Blitz3D?…or just release it as it is?
…I don’t know…even though everything is there, it just sucks to have to rewrite everything.
I’ll have to think about what to do, for a few days.

A bit of progress has also been done on Project Future.
– it’s getting closer and closer to being finished. 🙂

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