Dingo for the ZX Spectrum released.



I’m happy to announce that my Spectrum version of Dingo is now completely…complete, and has been released.

The game ”premiered” at the REPLAY EXPO in Blackpool, on november 5th 2011.

For this special occation we produced 60 physical cassette copies which we demoed and sold at cost from The Attic Bug stall at the Expo. The cassettes were all signed by the artist and me, and 50 of them were also numbered while the remaining 10 that were not numbered were made to be given away for free.

Most cassettes were sold at the event but the few unsold copies have all found new owners and there won’t be any more. However, the day after the Expo the game was release as a free download – including all the highres artwork, so if you wish you can make your own.

Go here to read more about the game and to download it.


The two size of cassettes that were sold at the Replay Expo.

The two sizes of cassettes that were sold at the Replay Expo.

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