“The Speccies” is finished. But when will it be released?

Time for an update, I think. So, my new ZX Spectrum game “The Speccies” has been finished for a couple of weeks now, but it’ll be a little while longer before it’s released into the wild, though.

The reason for the delay is that the artist and me wants to produce a small amount of physical cassettes, that’ll we’ll put up for sale, and it’ll be a while before we get this sorted out. Had it only been the standard-sized cassette boxes it wouldn’t have been much of a delay, but we want to produce a small amount of large Ultimate-style boxes too (similar to the ones in the background of the picture below), and they’ll be brand new boxes made specifically for this purposes (and in blue) which means that we’ll need to have new plastic inlays produced too…and that’s the primary thing holding it up at the moment. Hopefully we’ll get them produced sometime soon – within a couple of weeks.

There will only be a very limited amount of these available – less than half of what there were of Dingo, and they’ll include some sort of extras that we haven’t quite decided on yet, so if you want something really special then this will be the way to go. However, the game will also be available to download for free, so if you’re late to the party, or don’t want to spend any money, then that’s fine too. 🙂

I think the game has turned out very well – but don’t just take my word for it – here’s what the musician had to say about the almost finished version a month ago;

Heheh, what a great little game. Really plays well, doesn’t it!
Can’t really think of anything suggestion-wise — I think you’ve got it all very well covered to be honest. Graphics are awesome, gameplay is awesome, and it’s exactly the sort of game I enjoy playing too (on any platform) so I’m really proud to have my little version of the The Brainies tune in there.
Excellent work. I think it’ll go down very well indeed when it’s released!

Stay tuned for more updates about the release soon.


This is obviously from my previous Spectrum game, but it shows the three sizes the game will be available in – single, double & large custom-case versions.


“The Speccies” – a new ZX Spectrum game coming soon.

Yes, is it I – the master of not updating my website as often as I wish I did. 😉

As it’s not always my projects becomes actual games – or become massively delayed – I prefer to work silently and not speak up until I have something to show and is pretty confident that I’ll actually complete what I’m working on – and that’s the reason for this post…I finally have a new game out soon. Yay.

My upcoming game is called “The Speccies” and is a remake, for the 48K ZX Spectrum, of the classic puzzlegame “The Brainies” (or “Tiny Skweeks” in Europe) which is available for the DOS, Amiga, Atari ST, Apple II, Mac, Amstrad CPC and SNES platforms.

Here’s the logo of the game.  Click it to go to the “official” page with more information and more pictures.

Dingo for the ZX Spectrum released.



I’m happy to announce that my Spectrum version of Dingo is now completely…complete, and has been released.

The game ”premiered” at the REPLAY EXPO in Blackpool, on november 5th 2011.

For this special occation we produced 60 physical cassette copies which we demoed and sold at cost from The Attic Bug stall at the Expo. The cassettes were all signed by the artist and me, and 50 of them were also numbered while the remaining 10 that were not numbered were made to be given away for free.

Most cassettes were sold at the event but the few unsold copies have all found new owners and there won’t be any more. However, the day after the Expo the game was release as a free download – including all the highres artwork, so if you wish you can make your own.

Go here to read more about the game and to download it.


The two size of cassettes that were sold at the Replay Expo.

The two sizes of cassettes that were sold at the Replay Expo.