Current projects: update

Well…you have an idea until you get a new one.

Three weeks into it and I’ve made the decision to abandon my Alien PBeM game before I sink too much time into it.

Several reasons:

I’ve already spent a lot of time on it, and I really like how many of the things work quite well so far, but the structure of the whole thing, and me not planning things out too well in the beginning and just charging ahead with it, has made the source a bit messy already, and I’m not looking forward to keep adding to it.

But I’m just not feelin’ the love for this project and I’d rather work on something I really want to do, than to keep working on something I find it hard to believe I’ll be satisfied with in the time I have for it. I’m getting slightly depressed by the thought of having to work on this for another 6 weeks.

Luckily I’m my own boss though. 🙂 So for now it’s abandoned. It pains me, but perhaps I’ll resurrect it later. Who knows.

The good thing is that I can now get back to projects I feel a lot move love for, like….well, just looks above. 😉

Overview of current projects.

I don’t post nearly enough but I thought I’d make a post about what open projects I have going on – just so you know I’m not watching TV all the time. 😀

If you look in the menu above there are three titles – Psycho Pigs UXB, X-Quest 2 & Horace in the Mystic Woods, but I have two more titles I haven’t written about yet.

* Star Castle. This is a classic vector graphics game and it’s nearly done. Actually I could probably upload it as it is, but I’m not quite satisfied with it yet so I’ll work on it a little longer. Visually it’ll look like  Omega Race 2009 and you can click >here< to see a preview of the menuscreen.

So, Star Castle should’ve been done now, but “unfortunately” I’ve been distracted (again…as usual :)) by a new project which I started about a week ago. A new competition over at Retro Remakes to make a PBeM game (Play-By-Email) caught my attention and I thought it could be a fun project to work on.

* ALIEN. I’ve always liked Laser Squad and I originally wanted to remake that for the PBeM competition but I realized it was probably a bit too much to try to remake that in two months. Instead I decided to remake the ZX Spectrum game, Alien – which is a singleplayer game, as a multiplayer game and I think it’s going to work. It’s still early days so there’s not screenshots yet.
When I have something interresting to show I’ll post it in my thread on the Retro Remakes forum >here<.

The game will allow up to 5 human players to play against each other. Well, up to 3 player can play humans and 2 players can play the aliens, so it makes sense to play humans against aliens. The game is set on the Nostromo and will play like a Lite version of Laser Squad. The competition will run for another two months and end on april 1st. so hopefully I can finish this one and get on with Star Castle and then those pesky piggies.

Long needed overhaul.

Finally I’ve decided on a new theme for my site. I’ve looked at hundreds of themes and ended up with about 10 choices, but I still couldn’t commit to one because none of them really satisfied all my requirements. Among other things I wanted was something more simple and elegant than my previous site – something that also looked “less designed”. Well, the answer was right in front of me the whole time. I decided to try the theme used at Retro Remakes – just for fun really, and actually saw most of the things I wanted right there. An acknowledgment of their good choice. 🙂
A bit of tweaking later and here it is.

There is now also a subsection called “Works in progress” to get an easier overview of what I’m working on.
– Nothing there yet though.
A new section called “Other retro stuff” which will be used for retrostuff that falls outside my own games.
I’ve added an RSS feed and soon there will also be Gravatar support.
However, it’ll be a few days until I’ve completed tweaking old posts and pictures to look better under this theme.

Perhaps I can get my ass in gear soon and ramp up my programming efforts. I’m only programming about once a week and that unfortunately means I’m getting close to nowhere with my WIP’s…and I so want to get on with my projects.

See you later. 🙂


Falling down

Not just the title of the song I’ve just listened to, but also a description of my state of mind. Well, actually that may be exaggerating just a bit – I’m not about to go into a Burger King, waving a gun and complain why the burger I got didn’t look like the one pictured, but I’m not my normal self either. Depressed?…dunno – a bit perhaps, but when it comes to programming I AM feeling a bit burned out. So, Am I really burned out on programming or am I just having a midlife crisis?

This is all very existential and I wish I had an answer to it. As for the ‘midlife crisis’ – I am having my 41st birthday today (see, notice I didn’t write ‘I’m celebrating my…‘? But, I don’t actually think it’s a ‘real’ midlife crisis (wouldn’t it make more sense if I’d had it a year ago then?) – why would I lose my ‘programming-mojo’ just because I’m having a birthday? – no, I’ve actually not felt like like doing anything much, programming wise, for the last month or so. Don’t know why but it’s probably more likely to be the stress of needing graphics for a game and not feeling like doing it, and then completely losing my drive all together because of it…I think (and to be quite honest there are a few other non-programming factors involved as well).

Basically it means that I won’t be able to finish my project for The RR CD50 Project by the end of june as planned. Unfortunately.
It’ll still get done though. Perhaps if there’s enough contributions to the project this one can get on CD2 but it won’t be finished in 3 weeks as planned.

For what it’s worth I can’t be completely burned out because I’ve actually started up 2 new projects up over the last couple of weeks (both are games that are pretty light on graphics) and these will be finished – just as my other projects, but I just don’t want the stress of absolutely having to finish something specific to meet any sort of deadline right now.

For now I just need to recharge my mental batteries and fool around with something fun for a while. More ‘news’ when I feel like it.