New game: Speccies 2 for arcade hardware.

Finally, a new game is out. It’s been a while. Actually, it has practically been finished for almost 4 months, but that extra time is well-spent as there’s now a couple less bugs…but also music – which it didn’t have back then, so that’s good. 🙂

The Speccies 2 is a puzzlegame – and a remake of the ZX Spectrum version I made a couple of years ago, but this time re-coded to to run on JAMMA arcade hardware. Most people will probably just run this through the MAME emulator but it can also be burned onto EPROMS – or EEPROMS – and run on an actual JAMMA arcade cabinet.

Here’s a screenshot. Click it to go to the games page where you can read more and also download the game.

The main menu in all its glory. 🙂

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