Here’s a quick overview of what games I’ve done, on which platforms, and where to download them.

MAC OSX note:
Please be aware, that the games I’ve ported to OSX doesn’t run on newer OS’s. I bought my MacBook Pro in 2011 and have never updated it, so I can assure you that the games still work. BUT Apple has removed “Legacy support” from their operating systems, and since the language I’ve used hasn’t been updated to support newer OSX versions, the games won’t run on on newer and updated machines.

2004 Sir Lancelot
2006 Omega Race 2006
2006 Spiky Harold
2006 Jack’o’Roid
2008 Project Future
2007 A.S.S. (Orion)
2007 Rip Off
2008 Zektor
2008 Space Fury
2008 Dingo
2009 Omega Race 2009
2009 The Snowman
2009 Starbike
2010 Binary Land
2010 The Night Before Christmas
2010 Star Castle
2011 Dingo (48K ZX Spectrum)
2012 Black Widow
2012 Buggerman: The Xmas Heist
2012 Arcadia
2013 The Speccies (48K ZX Spectrum) Coming soon
2013 The Speccies 2 (16K ZX Spectrum) Coming soon
2013 Space Rawks
2015 The Speccies 2 (arcade version) Download
2016 Vallation (ZX Spectrum) Download
2017 Neon Invasion Earth
2017 Doctor Who Adventure
2018 SQIJ 2018 Download
2018 SQIJ 2018 Arcade Download
2020 Vallation 128K Download