Progress on current project.

Yes. Funny how things happen sometimes. I mentioned a while back that “my next game would be Black Widow” and then I suddenly had the idea for the Invaders game. That was actually just supposed to be a small game and should’ve been finished by now, but…

The game was almost done…but there was something missing – it’s was too…simple.

So a couple of betatesters were drafted and asked for feedback and boy – did I get a lot.

So the game has changed quite a lot now. Visually it’s still pretty much the same, but I work on it almost every day and it’s getting better and better. It now has custom waveformations, introduction levels, challenges and things like that, so it’s worth the extra development time as it’s becoming a better game…and that’s really what it’s all about.

Here’s a newer picture. It’s a couple of weeks old, but it looks better than the previous picture. 🙂

Lots of things flying around in this picture. Note: the yellow triangles are no longer yellow triangles, but spiffy shield-looking powerups.