Dingo – Update #1

I’ve been sitting on my hands for about a week now, but I’ve been productive the last 4 days so now it’s time for an update.

After a few nights wasted programming the “AI” for the Dingo’s (which left them pretty brain damaged) I’ve redone the code from scratch and now it’s much better. They’re bouncing around the maze just the way they should.
They now also have the ability to pick up fruit, which they do by stopping up for a moment and stomping on it, and they will (so far) randomly throw the fruit around. I still need them to aim for the player – just once in a while at least.

Colission detection works between fruits thrown by the player and the enemies, so if two pieces of fruit collide they will both be destroyed.

Things still needed;
* Player can’t die yet.
* Enemies can’t be stunned yet.
* Level completion and progression is still missing
* 90% of all current graphics still has to be redrawn.

No pictures from the game yet as it’s still mostly using temporary graphics.
One piece of graphics I’m satisfied with though, is my logo (which I made about a month ago).
The original game is by A.C.G. so I’ve made the new logo look like Ultimate Play The Game‘s logo.

All in all, it’s coming together nicely. 🙂

New remake started: Dingo

Time is flying and I’ve been sitting on my hands for a week now, not being the least productive, so I’ve just started another remake. The singlescreen arcade game “Dingo” has been in my mind for a while so that will be my third game for the competition.

I like it because it’s a small and simple funny game…and possible to do in the time I have left.
As an added bonus it’s from Ultimate Play the Game…well A.C.G. but that’s really the same thing. 😉

Here’s two screenshots, from the arcadeversion, so you know what it looks like;
(not much to show from the remake though, as I ‘ve only just started)

(click pictures to enlarge them)