Starbike v1.1 (Windows) / v1.2 (OSX)

Starbike is a Defender-like scrolling shoot ’em up.
-remake for Windows by Sokurah.


Download for Windows XP and above. (8.17MB)
Download for Mac OSX (Intel). (9.01MB)

MAC OSX note:
Please be aware, that the games I’ve ported to OSX doesn’t run on newer OS’s. I bought my MacBook Pro in 2011 and have never updated it, so I can assure you that the games still work. BUT Apple has removed “Legacy support” from their operating systems, and since the language I’ve used hasn’t been updated to support newer OSX versions, the games won’t run on on newer and updated machines.

Instructions, controls, credits & installation help at the bottom of this page.

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What’s it about:
In this sidescrolling Defender-like game you fly your starbike around the lunar landscape and collect Orolas. That’s small green aliens to you and me, and they’re really good for making perfume and catfood. You have to collect them from each level and dump them into a teleporter to send them back to your ship. When all aliens are collected you carry the last one to your lunar module and take off for another level. The number of aliens you have to collect on every level varies and you can leave the planet without collecting all the aliens but
you will not get a bonus if you do so, and your task will only be more difficult as you get more enemies on the next level.The lunar surface contains some parabolic scanners that are sensitive to the alien lifeforms you’re looking for, so if you fly past the scanners they will tell you if an alien is close by. The aliens, not knowing what they’re in for, is quite friendly and will chirp at you if you get near them. All in all – they’re quite easy to find.
…however, the mission is not easy. Good luck.


Cursor keys + left CTRL to fire.
All keys are redefinable and joypad is also supported.

Unpack ZIP archive into folder and run the ‘Starbike.exe’ file. It has an icon like a spaceman. If you’re on Windows Vista or 7 you should not unpack to your desktop. Unpack to a folder like “C:\Games” or something like that – away from your Windows user folders, because the game needs write access to the folder to update the settings file.

OSX: Open DMG file and drag the programfile to the location where you want it. Then doubleclick it to run the game.
Your settings will be saved as ‘StarbikeSettings.dat’ in you document folder.


Credits for this remake;
Programmed by Sokurah aka. Dr. Bacon, 2009
Graphics by Janus & Lobo
Music by Spacefractal

Credits for original game;
Programmed for the ZX Spectrum by Paul Curtis, 1984
Published for the ZX Spectrum by The Edge Software, 1984

This remake has the blessings of the original programmer, Paul Curtis, who has the rights to the original game, has played the remake and likes it. Thanks Paul. 🙂

Find the latest version at or sync scores which will show you if there’s new version available.


Version history.
v1.2 – march 28th 2011
OSX version released.
v1.1 – 1 April 2010
Made a few minor tweaks. Nothing gameplay related though. Also changed credits. Changed one piece of graphics though – the ‘floating mine’. I was never satisfied with it, but unfortunately I couldn’t draw what I wanted. Lucky for me I could just ‘borrow’ it from Retrospec’s Deflector X4. 😉

v1.0 – 31 October 2009
Initial release.