Omega Race 2009: updated to version 1.2


It’s been a fun couple of days. I’ve listened to the feedback I got on the first release and I’ve made a bunch of changes to the game.

The game is now at version 1.2 and can be downloaded here.

Here’s the changes I can remember right now;

  • Added a lot of sounds: when enemy fires, when enemy transforms, when shots hits or go through walls, a few others.
  • Added a “check for update” option.
  • Added mouse control.
  • Added an option for better sound on Windows Vista.
  • Added the possibility to enter name using joystick, to make the game more cabinet friendly.
  • Game will now keep increasing speed and spawing the red enemy if you stay too long on a level.
  • Tweaked inertia a bit. Now the ship takes longer to slow down, but loses a bit of speed when hitting the borders.
  • Many more minor changes to the difficulty.

Completed: Omega Race 2009

Yes, after 3½ week I’ve finally finished Omega Race 2009.

I think it turned out even better than I’d hoped for and I hope you will all enjoy it too.

Please give me some feedback and tell me what you think of it – is it too easy, too hard, too shiny, too pretty or too-something-else?

Update: May 22th 2009. Just 12 hours after original release I’ve updated to v1.1. This version is a lot easier.
If you have already downloaded the game then download it again if you want it to be less challenging.
I’m also working on a version 1.2. This will appear soon and have many more tweaks and features.

It’s been a fun little distraction from Psycho Pigs UXB, which I’ve been working on for 3 months now, but now it’s time to continue working on that game.

Early warning of a new game.

Just a quick note to say that I’ve been on a little break from Psycho Pigs and been working on another game for a couple of weeks now and it’s nearing completion.

Expect a new game in (probably) no more than a week from now. 😉

Update, May 18th: Alright, as people probably already know the game I’ve been working on lately is a new remake of Omega Race.
I also remade this 3 years ago but I decided I could do better and I think I have.

It’ll be a bit late as I ran into some problems with a bug over the weekend so I didn’t get to finish it completely.
It should be out later this week though. 🙂

In the meantime here’s a screenshot of the menu.