New remake under development: OIDS.

Isn’t this just typical for me?…I should be working on one of my other WIPs…and I just start a new one. *sigh* 😉

Anyway, as you may have noticed by now I like “spaceshooters”,
and one game I’ve been thinking of remaking for a long time is OIDS.

I don’t like all aspects of OIDS though*, so I’ve been thinking that I wanted instead, at some point, to make a game that was a bit like OIDS…but “my own”. So, one evening – not too long ago – I decided to start writing a few routines that could serve as a framework for a game like this someday.

Well, that was a month ago…and I haven’t stopped to take a break since. 🙂

* I’ve been playing the original Start ST game a lot, and a bit on the Mac version too, and now I must say that I’ve definitely come to appreciate to things about the original game I didn’t like originally.

Anyway, I’m currently working almost everyday on remaking the original Atari ST version and I must say that it’s coming together just nicely. I don’t know how long it’ll take me to make it, as it’s got a sh*t load of levels and that takes time to do, but so far I’m having a lot of fun making it, so hopefully it won’t take too long. I’m sure this’ll be my next remake though.

I’ve come up with a nice silhouetted look for the game, but basically it’s just the Atari graphics with a gradient background, and since these pictures are a just works in progress I think it’s safe to say that the graphics will probably change – one way or the other – before the game is done, but for now they’re giving me something to work with so I can concentrate on the code instead of the graphics.

Here’s a few pictures of the game as it looks now.

I’ll post further news about the game over at Retro Remakes.