New release: Arcadia remake

It’s only been a month since my last game (Black Widow), but already there’s a new one. 🙂

Since my games tend to grow bigger and more complicated with each game, I felt like making a small and quick remake. Something so simple I could never have time to get tired or bored with it. So I asked on Retro Remakes;

Suggest me something I can remake? – something simple I can do in no more than two weeks, and it can’t be a vector game…but I’m going to make it into one

A few suggestions were put forward and I chose to remake the ZX Spectrum game, Arcadia.

Two weeks later and it’s done. It’s small, it’s simple, and I had a blast making it. I actually poured more love into it than I expected to do, and while it’s nothing special I think it’s pretty good for the time I’ve spent on it.

I hope some of you out there will find it interresting enough for a couple of good shooting-sessions. 🙂

Read more about it and grab downloads for Windows and OSX here: Arcadia.