The Speccies 2


The Speccies 2 is a puzzlegame for the 16K ZX Spectrum.
It is programmed in Z80 in assembler and has 45 levels of hardcore punishment for the brain.


Download emulator image in TAP & TZX format for ZX Spectrum emulator (15KB).

The Speccies 2 is a remake of a Flashgame called “Pathologic“, but it’s a simple and classic game that has seen many forms and names over the years. This version was programmed for the 16K ZX Spectrum in 4½ days as a what I call a ‘quicke’. 😉

You are The Speccie and you have to move around the board and over all the circles to complete each level. Beware not to block your own path because once you’ve touched a square you can’t move across it again. There is no time limit, but you have to be careful and plan your way if you want to succeed.

Here’s first two screenshots from the game.

In-game action

The Mainmenu. Things are kept simple.

The mainmenu

Select your level. You can play 36 levels from the start, and the rest are opened once you complete them.

The mainmenu

One of the later leves. Do you chance it, or do you plan your route first?



Gameplay description:
You must guide your Speccie across the board and collect all the circles. Once you’ve stepped on a square it’ll be made inaccessible and you won’t be able to step on it again, so unless you want to ‘paint yourself a corner’ you may have to plan your route across the board in advance. Or chance it. 😉

The game has 45 levels. You can play the first 36 in any order you want, but the final 9 are first unlocked once you complete the first 36 levels.


Unpack the ZIP file and you’ll end up with a TAP file and a TZX file. They can be used with a Spectrum emulator. I recommend ZXSpin (free) and Spectaculator (commercial) — they can both found the The World Of Spectrum.


QAOP and SPACE to control the game.


Legal Blurb:
This game is FREEWARE and must remain freeware. I would also ask that the game will only be available from this website or from The World Of Spectrum.


This remake was programmed by Søren Borgquist – AKA. Sokurah, 2013.
Spectrum graphics designed by Craig Stevenson aka. RedBalloon.

This particular remake is based on “Pathologic“, but it’s a simple and classic game that has seen many forms and names over the years. Thus, copyright for leveldesigns in this game belongs to the makers of Pathologic while all graphics and code in the remake belongs to Søren Borgquist and Craig Stevenson.


Version history.
v1.0 – September 2013.
Initial release.