Coming soon: Black Widow remake

Argh, almost 5 months since last update…again. *sigh*

So, yeah, I haven’t been terribly active lately, but the last 3 months I’ve been getting back into development again…and I must say it feels pretty great to be working on something that’ll result in a finished game very soon. 🙂

For a couple of months a little while back I was working on a new Spectrum game, but then I decided – about a month ago – to put it on hold for a while, to just work on something else for a change, so I decided to continue working on my remake of Black Widow which I put on hold about two years ago. I’ve now been working on it for about a month and it’s very close to being finished. At this point it’ll probably still be a couple of weeks, but I think that’s the timeframe.

I’ve got one (hopefully easy to find) bug to fix, one small (and easy enough) function to be written, and some music to sort out, and  apart from that all that’s left is tweaking the gameplay and difficulty, and that shouldn’t take too long.

So, keep your eyes peeled for a new remake in the near future. 🙂

Black Widow – old WIP screenshot.