X-Quest 2

Update: January 13th 2011. I’m keeping this progress report off the frontpage for now because it’s not that interresting, but I’ve started working on this game again and it’s on my 2011 list of things I want to finish, so keep an eye out for it. However, if I have any interresting news I’ll post about  it on the frontpage.

All  text and pictures below are old and does not represent the current state of the game.

Still mostly using the graphics from the DOS version – that hasn’t changed (hey, if you’re an artist I could use your help 😉 ) – but I’m keeping plenty busy with the more important things…gameplay. Controls, scrolling, enemy spawning, crystal collecting and a bunch of other things has been in place for a long time but the code to control the powerups and their effect has been mostly lacking and that’s what I’m working on right now.

Here’s a random screenshot I made that shows the combination of several powerups at one time. In the finished game you’d never (or very rarely) end up with four powerups at the same time…and not these four, but this is just me testing that the bullets move correctly and bounce off walls and so forth. I’ve also changed the shape of the shots so they look like they do in the original version – for some reason I prefer that to the round ones in the screenshot below, but things can change yet. 🙂

Bullets everywhere - thats what happens when you combine powerups.

Bullets everywhere - that's what happens when you combine powerups.

One game I’m currently working and is making good progress on is a remake of the old DOS game X-Quest 2.

Here’s an early screenshot from the remake.


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