Happy New Year

Just a quick post to wish everyone a happy new year.
– may 2008 bring you good luck, good health…and lots of good remakes.

…oh, and I just started on a new remake a couple of weeks ago and it’s already beginning to looks good. More about that later.

Rip Off updated to v1.1

I discovered a “serious” bug in Rip Off, and a few minor
ones too, so I fixed those and made a few tweaks as well.

Version 1.1 is now uploaded.

* Difficulty didn’t work as it should, so it didn’t get harder each round as it should have. Fixed.
* Score fixed. Game only showed 4 digits ingame but has been changed to 5 now.
* The places the enemies entered the screen wasn’t random enough.
* Now you get double score if you shoot an enemy with a fuelcell on tow.
* Now it’ll also say, on the score screen, what round you reached in the last game.

What a complete Rip Off :)

Done! – Go get it.

Please leave your feedback.

Smooth sailing!

Well, mission complete…mostly.

Amazing what a bit of optimization can do. No more framerate drops for Rip Off.
The framerate is limited to 60fps, but unthrottled, the earlier version would usually run at up to 200fps if the screen wasn’t too busy.
But the screen did get busy sometimes, which caused the framerate drop I’ve been working to eliminate.Well, now it’ll run at up to 1000fps and most of the time at about 500fps even if the screen is busy.
There are more bits that can be optimised, but I think this’ll do for now. 😀
I’ve noticed a few bugs though (small ones), so I’ll need to take a look at that before releasing the game, but this extra week of optimization was more than worth it.

Here’s a screenshot of how it looks right now.