3 Updates and 3 Mac ports.

This must be the biggest update I’ve ever done, so let’s get started.

I’ve taken my 3 games from 2008, Zektor, Space Fury & Dingo and updated the Windows versions. The two primary reasons for updating them was to remove the competition splashscreen and to fix the problematic sound on certain systems, where the sound would be delayed by a second or so. But I’ve also made other changes: They will now check for updates when the score is synced, and inform you if there’s any newer versions available. I’ve also replaced the odd sound here and there. All in all – lots of changes.

However, the even bigger news is that I’ve finally ported something to Mac OSX, and these 3 games are now available for OSX too. I’d like to port Omega Race 2009 and Star Castle too (and perhaps more of my games), but it probably depends on the numbers of downloads and what feedback I get from this.

The links for downloading the games are on their respective pages.

Now available for Mac OSX too.

Now available for Mac OSX too.

Rip Off updated to v1.1

I discovered a “serious” bug in Rip Off, and a few minor
ones too, so I fixed those and made a few tweaks as well.

Version 1.1 is now uploaded.

* Difficulty didn’t work as it should, so it didn’t get harder each round as it should have. Fixed.
* Score fixed. Game only showed 4 digits ingame but has been changed to 5 now.
* The places the enemies entered the screen wasn’t random enough.
* Now you get double score if you shoot an enemy with a fuelcell on tow.
* Now it’ll also say, on the score screen, what round you reached in the last game.