That was the year that was, goodbye 2011, hello 2012.

The year 2011 is almost over and it’s time to look at what happened during the course of it.

Around this time last year I decided that my only (game related) New Year’s resolution would be to make three games in 2011, and now – one year later – I have to admit that I didn’t manage it…not really anyway. I didn’t make any new PC games this past year (how the hell did that happen?), but I did port 9 of my PC games to the Mac OSX platform, so hopefully that makes up for it.

Around november I began working on a new Christmas game (Buggerman: The Xmass Heist) – which would be my third year in a row doing that – but not only have I spent less time programming the last two months than I expected, I’ve also run into problems coding it which has unfortunately delayed it past Christmas. Oh well. I think I’ve figured those things out now and I expect it to be finished in January.

I did make one new game this year, though. After wanting to make a ZX Spectrum game for more than 25 years I finally decided to do it and I chose to make a Spectrum version of the arcadegame Dingo by A.C.G. (aka. Ultimate Play The Game). Not having touched z80 assembler language for more than 20 years I threw myself into it and made progress in no time, which caught the attention of Mark R. Jones who used to work for Ocean & Imagine Software back in the late 80’s, and he offered to help out with with the graphics. And it ended up looking very nice too. πŸ™‚

The game was finished in time for the early November Replay Expo in Blackpool – which we decided would be the release of the game – and I went over there to promote the game and to meet Mark for the first time. We sold a very limited run of the game on cassette – all numbered and signed by the both of us, and the game has been recieved fantastically well and gotten almost only good reviews (like, here, here, here & here).

I’ve been featured a couple of times in Retro Gamer Magazine this year too. In February (I think), my remake of Star Castle was “Remake of the Month” (my second game to earn that title – the first was Omega Race 2009). Later in the year my upcoming remake of X-Quest 2 was mentioned, but that was delayed and I hope to finish it in 2012 instead. Finally Dingo was featured in a two-page making-of/interview feature in their November issue. Dingo was also mentioned in GamesTM Magazine.

So, New Year’s resolutions for 2012? Easy…make (at least) three games. πŸ™‚ …possibly a new Spectrum game too.

So stick around and visit once in a while – I’m sure I’ll have new things to offer. And please do send me a mail if you like what I’m doing.

For now I would like to wish a Happy New Year to all my visitors. May you have a great year full of good experiences.

Christmas time is here, by golly, Disapproval would be folly.

Another year, another Christmas (kinda predictable, really) and I’ve finally caught up with something I’ve been meaning to do for a while now – port my two existing Christmas games to OSX so they can be played by Mac people too.

So The Snowman (’09) and The Night Before Christmas (’10) are now available for both Windows and Mac OSX, too.

Click the links above or on the banners below to go to where they can be downloaded.

You’ll notice that there are 3 banners. Yup, that’s a small sneakpeek at my latest Christmas game “Buggerman: The Xmass Heist” which I’m working on and hope to have finished before Christmas.


The Snowman - now on OSX too.

The Snowman - now on OSX too.

The Night Before Christmas - now on OSX too.

The Night Before Christmas - now on OSX too.

Buggerman: The Xmass Heist - coming this Christmas (I hope).

Buggerman: The Xmass Heist - coming this Christmas (I hope).

Star Castle and “ASS” for OSX too.

Yay, two more games ported for Mac OSX.

This time the arcade classic (and Retro Gamer Magazine ‘Remake of the Month‘) Star Castle and my remake of an old ZX Spectrum game called Orion – called ASS here (very simple and silly little game).

That makes the number of my Mac games 7 which is almost half the number of my games for Windows. I’ll probably do more but it won’t be anytime soon as I should really concentrate on some of my unfinished WIP’s now. πŸ™‚

Have fun…and send me an email of you enojy any of them. πŸ˜‰

The links for downloading the games are on their respective pages.

Now available for Mac OSX too.

Now available for Mac OSX too.

More Omega Race 2009…lots more.

It’s taken me a while, but I’ve not only (finally) managed to get to grips with my Mac but also solved a problem I had with the glowing vectors on Mac computers, so I’ve now successfully ported Omega Race 2009 to OSX. Yay!

At the same time I’ve alsoΒ  updated the Windows version to v1.3, so the version numbers match.

The only real bug I’ve fixed in v1.3 is the mouse control. I’d put it into v1.2 but made a mistake so it could only be selected if there was a joystick/pad connected. D’oh! Now you can select it always. I’ve also made some changes to the scoring-screen, so it now shows a little more scores and it now also sends date and version number to the server so you can see when as score was achieved and if it’s from a Windows or Mac computer. Minor stuff really, but I hope you’ll upgrade the game to the latest version if you’ve downloaded it before.

I’m also nearly done with a complete re-write of it to the iPad, so hopefully it will be available there soon, too. πŸ™‚

Now available for Mac OSX too.

Now available for Mac OSX too.

…and in case you were wondering: YouTube never got back to me – even after I wrote them 4 nice letters…they simply refuse to comment. Clearly they know they’ve handled thing wrong and can’t bring themselves to admit it.
Silly monkeys. πŸ™‚