2 more WIPs – Oids and Black Widow

Just what I needed – 2 more projects that can gobble up all my free time 😉

It shouldn’t come as a surprise, that I’m working on a remake of the Atari ST classic Oids, since I posted about it 1½ month ago. It’s coming along nicely, although I have nothing new and exiciting to tell about it. The primary reason for this paragraph is to say that I’ve now added the game to the “Works in Progress” menu at the top.

Better late than never, eh? 🙂

Another new game that I’ve also started working on, and added to the “Works in Progress” menu, is Black Widow. Yes, another glowing wireframe game. 🙂

The original was made by Atari in 1982 and I’ve been working on this remake a little over a month now and it will probably be the next game to be finished.

There’s a development screenshot below – click it to see the full version – or go to the Black Widow page to see a few more pictures.

More updates – this time to Jack’o’Roid…+ more

This is crazy. Two updates in two days. What’s next?…two thursdays in a week? 🙂

I’ve just updated Jack’o’Roid to v1.3, and just like I also did with my first version of Omega Race – I’ve made it more arcadecabinet friendly. I hope those people who uses arcadecabinets will like the changes to the menusystem. No other changes – I didn’t do online highscores in it this time, though.

Now that I have your attention I have two more things I’d like to get off my chest;

  • A while back I recieved a couple of mails from a guy who took the time out to make new samples for Zektor and Space Fury. Thank you! I liked the new samples, and was going to use them, but they were in small pieces that were of no use to me and I couldn’t be arsed to stitch them together so I could use them in the format I needed them to be in. Unfortunately I never got back to the guy and I’m sorry about that. If you’re still out there, and still interrrested, you’re welcome to write to me again and then we can do it right.
  • I’ve put Oids on hold for a little while. Not for long though, but I just found a new game that I just had to remake and I’ve been working on that for two weeks now. It’s really coming along a great speed and I can’t wait to show it to people, but because I’ve got as many projects in the pipeline as I have, I haven’t written anything about it – except for this – and won’t do so until it’s done…but that should be before the month is over…I hope.

I’ll keep working on the two, or three, thursdays in a week. 😀