Spam, viruses and malware…I hate it.

Gahh, the server was hacked on saturday and I didn’t see it until monday afternoon.
A small piece of code had been inserted in all ‘index.htm‘ and ‘index-php‘ files, so that when pages were accessed they would try to download some malware onto the users computer. But it’s gone now…until it happens again of course. 🙁

I hope you weren’t affected by it.

I’m not taking the attack personal – the exact same thing happened at work – same piece of code and the exact same time, so clearly it’s some sort of bot that did the damage. Now, I’m a peaceful person, but I’d really like to deal out some pain to those people who program viruses, trojan horses and other forms of malware. Yeah, I’d like to take a baseball bat to their knees (or even better – to their hands) and crush every bone in them…and I wouldn’t feel the least bit bad about it. I’d go to bed smiling, and you’d love me for what I’d done – just admit it. 😉

Meanwhile, I’m making progress on Psycho Pigs. It still looks mostly the same but there’s a bit more code written.
I’ll make another update when there’s more to tell.

Competition results and a new game being made.

Finally, a new update…but there’s something to tell. 🙂

The 3 games I made for the Retro Remakes 2008 Competition, Space Fury, Zektor & Dingo, scored as number 4, 8 & 9 respectively. Granted, it’s only out of 21 games, but they’re in the good half…and a 4th place is definitely not bad.
Why don’t you download them – if you haven’t already done so? 😉

I’m also working on a new game – Psycho Pigs UXB. Originally an arcade game from 1987 (called ‘Butasan‘), it was also released for the Spectrum, Amstrad, C64 & X68000 systems in 1988 as ‘Psycho Pigs UXB‘. It’s a frentic singlescreen action game, for one or two players. In a nutshell, you pick up bombs and throw them against enemy pigs, while avoiding getting hit yourself, until you’re the only one left. A bit like Bomberman except you can move around the entire screen.

I’ve been working on the game for about two weeks now and I’m lucky enough to have an
artist helping me out with the graphics, Lobo, which is why I have this purdy piccy to show.

12 seconds from flying roast pork.

12 seconds from flying roast pork.

There’s still a long way to go yet, but I’ll post updates when I have something interresting to tell. 🙂