Pigs…pigs everywhere.

My my, now time flies. 6 weeks since my last post but my only excuse is that I’ve been too busy programming to post. 😉

The development of the game has caught the eyes of Retro Gamer Magazine and it was mentioned in issue 62, but in their…excitement…they managed to get a lot of facts wrong – including my name which became (name here).

Click here to see the magazine article.

Oh, well, it was good for a laugh and the editor did say ‘sorry‘ so that’s okay. 😉 Now I just have to concentrate on the game and make it as good as I can so it can earn a review once it’s finished. There’s still a long way to go but the game is really coming together and looking better and better daily (or whenever I can be arsed to work on it). 😉

Anyway,  I’m currently only working on the singleplayer mode and although I haven’t quite decided if I’m doing a multiplayer mode yet, I’m programming it in a way that it’ll be as easy as possible to add in another player when I’m closer to being finished (although it may not be that easy – multiplayer mode is a ‘bug-magnet‘)… but it won’t be considered until I’m 100% satisfied with the singleplayer mode.

I won’t go into detail with what’s already finished and what’s still missing but I’m starting to have a good feeling about it – like I said…it’s really coming together as a game and I expect to be able to give my artist an early demo of the game in a couple of weeks. By then it’ll still be far from finished, but making a demo must mean there’s something to show off, right? 😉

I just made a screenshot from my current build, where you can see a new background, some more enemies, a few special items and the dino-suit powerup the player can wear, which makes the player able to withstand a single hit from a bomb…plus – it looks impossibly cute. 😀

Screenshot from the latest build of the game.

Screenshot from the latest build of the game.