I’ve made all the games on this site in my spare time and they’re all free. And the website is ad-free too.
Sure, it’s costing me time and money to run this site, but I would have anyway and I don’t like charging money for what I do. I get to make people happy…that’s enough for me. I like it like that. 🙂

However, at one point I added the option to make donations using PayPal or credit card (at the time of writing that’s about 2 years ago) – not so much because I needed it, but actually more because I know so many people who does it too, so I thought “why not, it can’t hurt“. It’s completely optional though.

But not really needing it doesn’t mean it’s not appreciated. When someone actually takes the time and effort to send a few coins my way I can’t help but think they’re good people. And it goes on my “beer and crisps” account and those are things that makes me happy too. 🙂

I can’t offer much in return for donations, but I’ve decided to list everone who donates here, so they can get a bit of recognition as “good folk”. However, if you do donate and don’t want to be listed then please tell me so. I’m not listing amounts though…that info stays with me. 😉

Here goes;

Joel Miller
Enrique Pineda (two times)
Stig Bjorge

(apologies if I forgot anyone)