“The Speccies” – a new ZX Spectrum game coming soon.

Yes, is it I – the master of not updating my website as often as I wish I did. 😉

As it’s not always my projects becomes actual games – or become massively delayed – I prefer to work silently and not speak up until I have something to show and is pretty confident that I’ll actually complete what I’m working on – and that’s the reason for this post…I finally have a new game out soon. Yay.

My upcoming game is called “The Speccies” and is a remake, for the 48K ZX Spectrum, of the classic puzzlegame “The Brainies” (or “Tiny Skweeks” in Europe) which is available for the DOS, Amiga, Atari ST, Apple II, Mac, Amstrad CPC and SNES platforms.

Here’s the logo of the game.  Click it to go to the “official” page with more information and more pictures.