In the press

My games are free and I don’t earn any money doing them – and I don’t really like to pester people about featuring or reviewing them, so I don’t work very hard on promoting them…but sometimes I will get a mention in a magazine, or be included in a book which is really nice and does wonders for my mood. 🙂

I’ve compiled a listing here over all the places I’ve been mentioned – the ones I know of anyway.

If you’re aware of any others I’d love to hear about them too. 😉


Your Sinclair, #93, “The Big Final Issue”, September 1993 [page 27]
A demo I did with a friend for the ZX Spectrum, “Sir Clive’s Nightmare“, is reviewed and scores 72%.

Retro Gamer Magazine, #62, March 2009 [page 106]
A small boxout about Psycho Pigs UXB.

Retro Gamer Magazine, #63, April 2009 [page 100]
A short mention of Psycho Pigs UXB.

Retro Gamer Magazine, #65, June 2009 [page 98]
A small mention about Omega Race 2009 & Psycho Pigs UXB.

Retro Gamer Magazine, #66, July 2009 [page 100]
Omega Race 2009 is ‘Remake of the Month’.

Retro Gamer Magazine, #67, August 2009 [page 101]
A fullpage ‘Homebrew Heroes’ interview.

Retro Gamer Magazine, #87, February 2011 [page 102]
Star Castle is ‘Remake of the Month’.

Retro Gamer Magazine, #93, August 2011 [page 104]
A small mention about X-Quest 2.

Retro Gamer Magazine, #96, November 2011 [page page 104 & page 105]
Two page ‘Re-making of Dingo‘ article/interview with Mark.

Retro Gamer Magazine, #98, January 2012 [page 102]
One page Dingo review, scores 91% and gains a ‘Retro Gamer Sizzler’ award.

Retro Gamer Magazine, #100, February 2012 [page 12]
Dingo is mentioned briefly by Mark in an interview with him.

GamesTM, September 2011 (this page)
A short mention about the upcoming release of Dingo.

The book “Project Arcade: Build Your Own Arcade Machine” by John St. Clair [link]
My games; Omega Race, Omega Race 2009, Space Fury, Zektor & Jack’o’Roid are all included on the CD that comes with the book.

Retro Gamer Magazine, #120, September 2013 [page 105]
The Speccies is reviewed and scores 85%. This makes me a happy bunny. 🙂

Retro Gamer Magazine, #123, December 2013 [page 106]
Space Rawks is reviewed positively. Yay. 🙂

Retro Gamer Magazine, #166, March 2017 [page 105]
Neon Invasion Earth is mentioned. 🙂

Omega Race 2009 reviewed in an Italian magazine.
Starbike reviewed in a Russian magazine (scan coming when I find it in my mess, lol).