Another WIP: Space Invaders…sorta.

After a short while away on vacation I noticed a Google search for ‘space invaders game tardis shooting‘ so I guess someone has tried searching for a game I’m working on, but not yet posted about here (although I have posted on Retro Remakes about it).

I haven’t decided on a final name yet, so I’m temporarily calling it ‘Tempestuous Spherical Invaders‘, but that will most likely change.

This is what I call ‘a quickie’. I started it a few weeks ago because it seemed like it would be a fun little project, and I’m keeping it a small project so I don’t expect it to take more than a few weeks before it’s finished (but I know I keep saying that about every game I’m working on ;)).

It’s basically Space Invaders – but played on a sphere. You move your base around the Earth and shoot at the approaching Invaders. To make it a bit more fun I’m adding a bunch of power-ups like different cannons, beam-weapons, shields and stuff like that, but I’m keeping this project small so I can get back to Black Widow again.

If you want to read more, go here.

Meanwhile, here’s a few pictures to look at;

Work in progress. Notice the new 4th invader. It's a cat. We love cats. 🙂

The beam-weapon in effect. Also, you have a shield too.Also shown - the readout showing you how much longer you have your powerup.