October: Finish Something Month

Isn’t it just typical? I’ve honestly had a bit of trouble motivating myself to work on my primary projects lately, and just as I was settling into a nice rhythm of doing almost nothing, some crazy curry-munching ungroomed, overly ambitious and sheepishly-looking admin decides that I should get my finger out. I take this very personally but on the other hand – how can I say no to a scary thing like that, eh? 🙂

Over at Retro Remakes Bob has decided that October is ‘Finish Something Month‘ and although the threat hasn’t been spoken out loud I’m afraid my dreams will be invaded by purple squids if I don’t comply. Scary indeed – who wants squids in their dreams.

Luckily I’ve been fooling around with a smaller project which is almost finished, so I hope to finish it sometime later this month. The original game is not exactly the best or most complex game in the world but it could really benefit from a remake as it’s pretty…shit really. Hopefully my remake will be slightly better.

I’ll announce it here when it’s done but it will probably not be downloadable from here or even carry the names ‘Sokurah’ or ‘Tardis Remakes’ but not because it’s shit but because of something else, which should be obvious once it’s out.