Space Rawks featured in Retro Gamer Magazine.

How great is this – Retro Gamer Magazine 123 came out and it turns out that Space Rawks was reviewed in the magazine. I didn’t expect that…but it seems that the game was more positively received (by everyone) than I had anticipated. Aces!.

I especially like the paragraph the review ends on;

“Space Rawks takes the formula of the game that inspired it and adds extra bells and whistles, but not in a way that breaks what made the original work so well. It plays very solidly and looks the part too.”

The game was also featured in a blogpost by StiGGy who is running the game on his arcade cabinet. It really is an honor when people like what you do so much that they bother to do thinks like this. Go visit his blog – he posts a lot of good retro-stuff”. 🙂

Review in Retro Gamer Magazine 123

A small festive reminder about my three Christmas games.

Just as I thought I’d gotten into a nice tradition by making Christmas games…I don’t make one. So Christmas is cancelled this year. Well, not cancelled – there just won’t be a new Christmas game from me this year.

But I thought I’d take this opportunity to remind everyone about the three Christmas themed games I have made – so if you haven’t played any of them you might use this post as inspiration to try them out.

The Snowman – A platform game where the objects is to build a snowman and then dress him. And if a baddie comes too close? …then shoot a snowball in their little “faces” – which will freeze them for a short while.

The Night Before Christmas – A sort-of platform game inspired by Mission Elevator, where the object is to play as Santa and fetch the gifts, then put them under the tree, all while making sure the sleepwalking kids stay in bed.

Buggerman: The Xmas Heist – Also a sort-of multiscreen platform game, based on Bagman, where you play as a Pumpkincreature to try and steal all the gifts from Santa’s workshop.

All three games are brought to life with the help of Lobo (graphics) and SpaceFractal (sound) – and of course – me as the coder, so the look and sound is nice and similar across all three games.

The Snowman


The Night Before Christmas


Buggerman: The Xmas Heist