Other Games

This is a list of the games I’ve programmed.
Click the links to get a more detailed description of each game.

Sir Lancelot
This is a remake of a platformgame from Melbourne House, originally released in 1984.
This game became number 11 out of 76 in a remake contest held in 2004.

Omega Race 2006
Originally a Midway arcade game from 1981 which used vector graphics.
Looking at this remake it hasn’t changed much, but that was never my intention.
It’s an unforgivable, hard as rock, space shoot’em’up.

Spiky Harold
This is my entry into the Retro Remakes Competition 2006.
– it was originally released by Firebird Sortware Ltd. in 1986

An asteroid clone with a Halloween theme. Made for the;
Retro Remakes Mini-Competition #11 – The Spooky Challenge

Project Future
This is a remake of a flipscreen arcade adventure set in space,
which was originally released by Micromega in 1985

Rip Off
Remake of a vector graphics game from 1980. The original was the first arcade game
ever with cooperative play for two players, and that mode is retained in this remake.

ASS – Advanced Shiny Simulator (Orion remake)
A quickie remake of “Orion” – a 2D mazegame released in 1983.
Originally set in space – now it’s something…else…but stil Orion.

This arcade wireframe game was originally made in 1982/1983 by Gremlin,
is my first (of three) games remade for the Retro Remakes Competition 2008.

Space Fury
This arcade wireframe game was originally made in 1981 by Gremlin and is the
predecessor to Zektor. It’s also the second of my three games remade for the
Retro Remakes Competition 2008.

This cute and colorful arcade maze game was originally made by A.C.G.
(aka. Rare aka. Ultimate Play The Game) in 1983 and stars a panda collecting
fruit while avoiding Dingoes on the rampage. It was the third game I made
for the Retro Remakes Competition 2008.

Omega Race 2009
I remade this 3 years ago but wanted to do it better, and so I have.
It’s a classic arcade shoot em’up, using vector graphics.
It was chosen as “Remake of the Month” in Retro Gamer Magazine in June 2009 (…I think).

The Snowman
This is a remake of “The Snowman” originally released for the ZX Spectrum in 1983 by Quicksilva. The game has 4 different levels and is a non-violent children-friendly game…not too difficult, but not necessarily easy either.

Starbike is a Defender-like scrolling shoot ‘em up, and a remake of a ZX Spectrum game from 1984. I first released this under the pseudonym ‘Dr. Bacon’, but later “re-branded” it as a Sokurah/Tardis game.

Binary Land
This is a remake of a game originally made by Hudson Soft for the Nintendo NES in 1985. I made it for a competition – which I won…but then again – there was only my game made for it. 😀

The Night Before Christmas
‘The Night Before Christmas‘ is my second Christmas game and is an original retro-inspired Christmas themed game. The game was inspired by Mission Elevator but the gameplay is very different.

Star Castle
The original game was a black and white vector graphics arcade game by Cinematronics from 1980, but is here, with this remake, brought into the new millennia in all its glory with nice and glowing vector graphics, while retaining its great gameplay. This game was awarded “Remake of the Month” in Retro Gamer Magazine in March 2011.

Dingo (ZX Spectrum)
I first remade this arcadegame for Windows & OSX, but then – a couple of years later – I chose it as my first foray into Z80 assembler programming and coded/ported it to the more than 30 year old ZX Spectrum. It was a big success and scored over 90% in Retro Gamer Magazine.

Buggerman: The Xmas Heist
My third Christmas game. Essentially a remake of the classic arcadegame Bagman – only given a festive lick of paint.

Arcadia is at heart a pretty traditional shoot ‘em up, but was also one of the earliest big-selling action games on the ZX Spectrum. My angle with this game was to remake a classic non-vectorgame as a vectorgame.

The Speccies (ZX Spectrum)
My second game coded in Z80 assembler. This is a puzzle game and a remake of a game originally called “The Brainies” (SNES). It scored 85% when it was reviewed in Retro Gamer Magazine – issue 120 (September 2013).

The Speccies 2 (ZX Spectrum)
My third game coded in Z80 assembler – this time for the 16K ZX Spectrum. This is another puzzle game but much simpler than its (slightly) older sibling, but in my defence is was done in just 4½ days, and I’m pretty satisfied with what I could do in that short a time. 😉