Sokoban L.E.

Disclaimer: This is not my game – I’m just hosting this page for a friend.

Welcome to Sokoban LE!

This is the Taito L System port of the Spectrum version of Sokoban done by Spanish coding outfit Compiler Software in 2006. The original coding team open sourced the game so I had a look at the source to understand the basic game mechanic and then ported it to L System, adding a few bells and whistles along the way. Hence I named it Sokoban L Edition (or Sokoban LE for short).

What this game contains :-

  • All 99 levels of the original Spectrum game
  • Full end game sequence upon beating level 99 (which is pimped up from the original end game sequence)
  • 9 graphical styles to choose from (8 from the original game and 1 new one designed by me)
  • 10 awesome AY-3-8910 chip tunes to choose from (or silence if you prefer that!)
  • An attract mode which demos the first 45 moves of the first 8 levels of the game
  • A 200 move UNDO feature for when you totally mess a level up 😉
  • A funky in-game menu which allows you to change music/tile set/exit to menu/restart level
  • Two secret hidden warps which, if found, will mean that you only need to actually beat 24 levels of the game to complete it
  • Password for completing each level (passwords are compatible with the Spectrum version of the game) so that you don’t need to start from level 1 each time you play the game

What this game DOES NOT (nor ever will) contain :-

  • DLC of any kind
  • In-app-purchases of any kind
  • Multiplayer capture-the-flag or deathmatch modes

There’s an extensive readme in the each archive, explaining all the features of the game. I’ve made a version for Plotting boards, a version for Puzznic boards and a version for Play Girls boards. That should cover most L System boards out there. All versions have been tested extensively on both real hardware and in MAME.

Many thanks to ben76, Hurray Banana and Sokurah for being my beta testers during the development of this game.
Now go and play it and give me some feedback as to how it plays and start posting those level passwords up here. Oh, and see if you can find the 2 secret hidden warps…..

Running on a Plotting board

Running on a Play Girls board