About me

For me, it all started in the late seventies with Pong, Sprint and Space Invaders and I’ve been hooked on arcade machines and various home computers ever since – starting with the ZX Spectrum in early 1983.

I love playing games and have always had a keen interrest in the technical side of things, so naturally I began to program my own games. Well, I started programming lots of games – first in Basic, then in Z80 and 68000 assembler, but never actually finished any of them, so I lost interest in it temporarily and didn’t attempt to make a game for the next 13 years.

In 2003 I got the urge to try and make games again, so an abandoned remake of Android 2 in 80×86 assembler was resurrected and rewritten in Blitz3D and I got pretty far (feature complete except for the Millipods) but it’s now on hold and will most likely never be finished.

In 2004 I joined a game-programming contest, and finished my first game, a remake of Sir Lancelot, as my entry in just 1½ month. The game was awarded the 11th place out of 76 submitted games. Not too bad for a first game. 😉
More games have been completed since then, and several more are under development.

While you browse the games available on this site you may think “But…I don’t know any of those games” and there’s a chance you’re right. I try not to remake games that have been remade before…and the more obscure the better. Who needs another version of Arkanoid, PacMan or Space Invaders anyway – there’s so many excellent remakes of them already, so while my games may not be that well known at least they won’t drown in the masses of identical clones of other popular games. That’s not to say that I won’t doing something already popular at some point…the heart wants what the heart wants, right? 😉

…and that brings us to this website, my latest game and all my millions of plans for the future.

I’ve disabled the possibility for commenting on this blog because I’m tired of spam, so if you want to get in contact with me, please use the e-mail address below;

Oh, and you should know I very much subscribe to the idea of a website free from ads, things that cost money and other crap that no-one likes. And that means – while I don’t mind (too much) that my games are added to download portals – that if they are – and if they’re wrapped in EXE installers, bundled with browser toolbars or using download managers…then you’ll probably get a not-so-nice letter telling you to STOP THAT SHIT RIGHT NOW.