New game released: Neon Invasion Earth.

FINALLY, DID IT! – my circular vector version of Space Invaders is finally done.
…only took 6.5 years too. 😀

The actual development time is considerably less though – probably a year or so, but due to the game growing way beyond what I had envisioned and the impossible task of balancing the gameplay difficulty because of it, I simply lost faith in it despite it being at least 90% complete when I put it on hold.

However, it has now been de-mothballed and the last bits finished off, so it can be played.

Click the logo below or click this link to go to the page for the game.
You may also want to read the postmortem I wrote on the game.

The game can’t be played through in one sitting so you shouldn’t expect that. Some levels are easy, some hard, some boring, some fun and at times you can basically only win by sacrificing lives or all your shields, but it’s possible to play through the entire thing in 2-3 hours.

I hope it’ll entertain you in one way or the other. Let me know what you think.

Space Rawks featured in Retro Gamer Magazine.

How great is this – Retro Gamer Magazine 123 came out and it turns out that Space Rawks was reviewed in the magazine. I didn’t expect that…but it seems that the game was more positively received (by everyone) than I had anticipated. Aces!.

I especially like the paragraph the review ends on;

“Space Rawks takes the formula of the game that inspired it and adds extra bells and whistles, but not in a way that breaks what made the original work so well. It plays very solidly and looks the part too.”

The game was also featured in a blogpost by StiGGy who is running the game on his arcade cabinet. It really is an honor when people like what you do so much that they bother to do thinks like this. Go visit his blog – he posts a lot of good retro-stuff”. 🙂

Review in Retro Gamer Magazine 123

New old WIP: Star Castle

I made three games in 2008, three games in 2009 and since I’ll be trying to finish some of my current WIP’s instead of constantly starting new ones, I know I’ll make (at least) three games in 2011, but for a moment I was worrying if I would be able to finish as many games in 2010. Silly really – as no ones telling me I should absolutely release that many games a year, but once you get an idea into your head it can be hard to forget it. 😉

Luckily I had an almost finished remake of the old Atari vector graphics game, Star Castle – from 1980, knocking around, that I decided I could easily finish before the year is over, so that’ll be my third and final game this year.

Yay. 🙂

So, stay tuned for one more game before the year is over – this time a nice and glowy space-shooter. 🙂


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Progress on current project.

Yes. Funny how things happen sometimes. I mentioned a while back that “my next game would be Black Widow” and then I suddenly had the idea for the Invaders game. That was actually just supposed to be a small game and should’ve been finished by now, but…

The game was almost done…but there was something missing – it’s was too…simple.

So a couple of betatesters were drafted and asked for feedback and boy – did I get a lot.

So the game has changed quite a lot now. Visually it’s still pretty much the same, but I work on it almost every day and it’s getting better and better. It now has custom waveformations, introduction levels, challenges and things like that, so it’s worth the extra development time as it’s becoming a better game…and that’s really what it’s all about.

Here’s a newer picture. It’s a couple of weeks old, but it looks better than the previous picture. 🙂

Lots of things flying around in this picture. Note: the yellow triangles are no longer yellow triangles, but spiffy shield-looking powerups.