New old WIP: Star Castle

I made three games in 2008, three games in 2009 and since I’ll be trying to finish some of my current WIP’s instead of constantly starting new ones, I know I’ll make (at least) three games in 2011, but for a moment I was worrying if I would be able to finish as many games in 2010. Silly really – as no ones telling me I should absolutely release that many games a year, but once you get an idea into your head it can be hard to forget it. 😉

Luckily I had an almost finished remake of the old Atari vector graphics game, Star Castle – from 1980, knocking around, that I decided I could easily finish before the year is over, so that’ll be my third and final game this year.

Yay. 🙂

So, stay tuned for one more game before the year is over – this time a nice and glowy space-shooter. 🙂


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