Spam, viruses and malware…I hate it.

Gahh, the server was hacked on saturday and I didn’t see it until monday afternoon.
A small piece of code had been inserted in all ‘index.htm‘ and ‘index-php‘ files, so that when pages were accessed they would try to download some malware onto the users computer. But it’s gone now…until it happens again of course. 🙁

I hope you weren’t affected by it.

I’m not taking the attack personal – the exact same thing happened at work – same piece of code and the exact same time, so clearly it’s some sort of bot that did the damage. Now, I’m a peaceful person, but I’d really like to deal out some pain to those people who program viruses, trojan horses and other forms of malware. Yeah, I’d like to take a baseball bat to their knees (or even better – to their hands) and crush every bone in them…and I wouldn’t feel the least bit bad about it. I’d go to bed smiling, and you’d love me for what I’d done – just admit it. 😉

Meanwhile, I’m making progress on Psycho Pigs. It still looks mostly the same but there’s a bit more code written.
I’ll make another update when there’s more to tell.

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