New game completed.

This is unheard of – two updates…in two days!…I’m getting all sweaty just thinking about it. 🙂

The new game is a remake of Orion – a mazegame from 1983. My version is called “ASS (Advanced Shiny Simulator)” or ‘A day in the life of Dave Perry‘.

It’s a real quickie of a remake, made in just 10 days, as a challenge to myself and as an excuse to just make something less serious and goofy for a change.

It won’t win any awards for…anything, but I had fun making it and hopefully someone will have fun playing it. It’s my easiest game so far, and can be completed in no more than 10 minutes…if you find the trick.

Now I can get back to Project Future and Rip Off. 🙂

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