Omega Race 2009: updated to version 1.2


It’s been a fun couple of days. I’ve listened to the feedback I got on the first release and I’ve made a bunch of changes to the game.

The game is now at version 1.2 and can be downloaded here.

Here’s the changes I can remember right now;

  • Added a lot of sounds: when enemy fires, when enemy transforms, when shots hits or go through walls, a few others.
  • Added a “check for update” option.
  • Added mouse control.
  • Added an option for better sound on Windows Vista.
  • Added the possibility to enter name using joystick, to make the game more cabinet friendly.
  • Game will now keep increasing speed and spawing the red enemy if you stay too long on a level.
  • Tweaked inertia a bit. Now the ship takes longer to slow down, but loses a bit of speed when hitting the borders.
  • Many more minor changes to the difficulty.

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