Long needed overhaul.

Finally I’ve decided on a new theme for my site. I’ve looked at hundreds of themes and ended up with about 10 choices, but I still couldn’t commit to one because none of them really satisfied all my requirements. Among other things I wanted was something more simple and elegant than my previous site – something that also looked “less designed”. Well, the answer was right in front of me the whole time. I decided to try the theme used at Retro Remakes – just for fun really, and actually saw most of the things I wanted right there. An acknowledgment of their good choice. 🙂
A bit of tweaking later and here it is.

There is now also a subsection called “Works in progress” to get an easier overview of what I’m working on.
– Nothing there yet though.
A new section called “Other retro stuff” which will be used for retrostuff that falls outside my own games.
I’ve added an RSS feed and soon there will also be Gravatar support.
However, it’ll be a few days until I’ve completed tweaking old posts and pictures to look better under this theme.

Perhaps I can get my ass in gear soon and ramp up my programming efforts. I’m only programming about once a week and that unfortunately means I’m getting close to nowhere with my WIP’s…and I so want to get on with my projects.

See you later. 🙂


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