…another Space Fury update

Okay, here we are again, back for some more limited news on Space Fury. 😉

A week has gone by and I haven’t spent my time too well (again). Well, I have made the final 8 new enemies for Space Fury though, but that’s about it – I haven’t done any coding for a week. I still need to make two new bosses, but I asked a friend if he wanted to design them and he did. Which is good. Sort of…I told him he could take a whole month if he needed it, but since I still need to have some voices recorded for the enemies as well, it may have been a mistake – it takes time to get right and it makes more sense to know if you’re doing voices for an alien creature or a robotic being before you start doing it.
Oh, well…perhaps he’ll do it quickly. 🙂

So now I have most of the resources – all the most important ones anyway. Now it’s time to begin coding again, and I’d better not waste too much time because my plan is to be finished with the game by the end of this month…so that’s just 2 more weeks left.

Why the rush?

Well, I’ve thought of another game, for the competition, that I’d like to squeeze in after Space Fury. A very simple but colourful spritebased arcade game. No title yet, I want to see how it goes first. But hey, I’ll have to remake it now…
…I made the logo for it yesterday. I can’t let all that hard work be for nothing. 😀

Oh, BTW, I was asked if I could end Space Fury with a big mothership – an enemy with lots of guns on it that would have to shot off. Well, yes I could…but I’m not going to. Since my mind is pretty much set on trying to make a third game, I can’t begin to add all sorts of things to this game. It’s a good idea but that’ll have to wait until I find a game with a mothership in it, or I come up with an idea for an “original” shooter.

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