“Exciting” Zektor and Space Fury news.

I think it’s about time I show a little from Zektor, but instead of making a crappy low-res YouTube video (which I intend to do sometime anyway) I’ve decided to release a running demo instead.

If you click here (1 MB) you can download a non-interactive demo. You won’t be able to play it, but you’ll be able to see the menu and the entire sequence of attractmode screens. That means that now you can get an idea of how it will run on your computer…and that’s much better that a low-res video, right. 😉
Exit from the menu by pressing the escape key or use any key during the attractmode to return to the menu.

I finally got the last of the important code into Space Fury last night. Important stuff like collision detection, player reset and a death sequence. What’s left now are a few resources, a bit of trivial score related code, a few bugs and most of all – fine-tuning of the gameplay. I was playing last night and I couldn’t even make it past level 3 which of course makes it stupidly difficult considering that there are 20 levels AND things are currently moving at a pretty sedate speed and not nearly as fast as I think it should…but that’s why I need to fine-tune the gameplay, see. 😉

I also re-designed my extra spaceship. That’s the new version you see above. 🙂

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