Updated: Black Widow (osx only).

It turns out there was a couple of small problems with the OSX version of Black Widow, but they should be fixed now.

  • It’ll now save its settings directly to the Documents folder, so it’ll now run directly from the dmg file without throwing up an error as before.
  • I’ve also added a check for closing the game using ctrl-q and the red close button. It should work most places in the game (but not in the “instructions” menu…I think I forgot that). 🙂
  • I’ve also fixed the automatic “search for updates” function that is run when scores are synced. Unfortunately I hadn’t expected as many entries in the sql table that holds the version numbers, so the game would hang when scores were synced, but that works now too.

That last problem, though…I think that problem affects all my older (osx) versions too, so I’ll be going through them sometime in 2013. :-/

Find the updated, v1.1, osx version of Black Widow here: http://tardis.dk/wordpress/?page_id=445


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