Homebrew Hero

I got a really nice mentioning in the latest issue of Retro Gamer Magazine (issue 67).
I was interviewed for the “Homebrew Heroes” section, so if you’re interrested in reading a bit about me you should seek out that issue.

Homebrew Hero

Homebrew Hero

Perhaps I should update you people a little on what I’m doing while I’m here.

I get a lot of messages about Psycho Pigs UXB (even when you subtract all the ones from one particular person. Hi Flash. ;)) which is taking longer that anticipated.

The thing is that I won’t put it out with a shitty AI so I have to make sure it’s good before I release it. That’s why it’s delayed. Not that I’m working on it right now – I’m busying myself with a small sideproject which should be done soon (within a month). When that is done I hope to get on with the piggies.

About that “sideproject” – I’ll announce it here, and I’ll link to it from here (I think), but I won’t be hosting it myself and there’s a pretty good reason for that, but that will be appearant once it’s done. It’s coming along nicely though – not much left.

I’ve also ordered an iPhone 3GS and I hope to be able to develop something for it (it’s on backorder from my provider though). I already have a few ideas for games but it’ll have to wait until 2010 because I’m already working on 4 games and I don’t need any more things to delay those.

Stay tuned for more news.

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