Overview of current projects.

I don’t post nearly enough but I thought I’d make a post about what open projects I have going on – just so you know I’m not watching TV all the time. 😀

If you look in the menu above there are three titles – Psycho Pigs UXB, X-Quest 2 & Horace in the Mystic Woods, but I have two more titles I haven’t written about yet.

* Star Castle. This is a classic vector graphics game and it’s nearly done. Actually I could probably upload it as it is, but I’m not quite satisfied with it yet so I’ll work on it a little longer. Visually it’ll look like  Omega Race 2009 and you can click >here< to see a preview of the menuscreen.

So, Star Castle should’ve been done now, but “unfortunately” I’ve been distracted (again…as usual :)) by a new project which I started about a week ago. A new competition over at Retro Remakes to make a PBeM game (Play-By-Email) caught my attention and I thought it could be a fun project to work on.

* ALIEN. I’ve always liked Laser Squad and I originally wanted to remake that for the PBeM competition but I realized it was probably a bit too much to try to remake that in two months. Instead I decided to remake the ZX Spectrum game, Alien – which is a singleplayer game, as a multiplayer game and I think it’s going to work. It’s still early days so there’s not screenshots yet.
When I have something interresting to show I’ll post it in my thread on the Retro Remakes forum >here<.

The game will allow up to 5 human players to play against each other. Well, up to 3 player can play humans and 2 players can play the aliens, so it makes sense to play humans against aliens. The game is set on the Nostromo and will play like a Lite version of Laser Squad. The competition will run for another two months and end on april 1st. so hopefully I can finish this one and get on with Star Castle and then those pesky piggies.

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