YouTube injustice.

I can’t believe it – my YouTube account has been suspended. And why, I hear you ask?

Because I marked some spam as spam (I guess, YouTube isn’t answering my mails).

See, I like this singer – Lenka, and she has this new video out. I made a comment on how cute the video was and how much better this version of the song is – compared to the first version that was released. Pretty harmless stuff…but that’s me – harmless.

A day or so later I had a mail because someone has commented on my post, so I went back to see the comment. That was this joker – TheDoodypants. He seems to be unstable – on a good day – and seems to be nothing but an abusive spammer and the kind of person you’d prefer never to have to deal with. Look at the picture below for some of his replies to the music video. I can’t believe the things he called me – and because I was annoyed I marked about 10 of his replies as spam, but unfortunately my post is now gone because my account is suspended because of it.

I’ve tried writing to YouTube but they don’t answer. All they have to do is take a look at my commenting history and see that I’m not a spammer, I don’t call people names or abuse them, so how can it be that the spamming clown is still there, but my account has been closed…just because I marked some spam? …I mean, I’ve read their Terms of Service several times and as far as I can see I haven’t done a thing wrong – I should theoretically be allowed to mark as much spam as I want – as long as it IS spam.

If this is not the reason they’ve closed my account they could at least tell my why. But not a word. Despite several inquries. This makes YouTube hypocrites. I believe they’ve closed my account unjustified and now they won’t answer me…probably because they know I’m right but won’t acknowledge it.

So, now what? Sure, I can just make a new account, but why should I? I want my uploads back – about 12 videos of my own games, and the biggest loss is probably my favourites (probably not more than 20 so I could find them again), but I don’t like terrorism and this – it’s abuse of power – and I would prefer to have them acknowledge they’ve made a mistake…or at least have the balls to talk to me so we can get past it.

Please Tweet this, post it whereever you can, and help me get a reply from YouTube…and if possible – have my account re-opened. I’m not leaving this be. It’s a matter of principle.

TheDoodypants is the real spammer here - not me.