Current projects: update

Well…you have an idea until you get a new one.

Three weeks into it and I’ve made the decision to abandon my Alien PBeM game before I sink too much time into it.

Several reasons:

I’ve already spent a lot of time on it, and I really like how many of the things work quite well so far, but the structure of the whole thing, and me not planning things out too well in the beginning and just charging ahead with it, has made the source a bit messy already, and I’m not looking forward to keep adding to it.

But I’m just not feelin’ the love for this project and I’d rather work on something I really want to do, than to keep working on something I find it hard to believe I’ll be satisfied with in the time I have for it. I’m getting slightly depressed by the thought of having to work on this for another 6 weeks.

Luckily I’m my own boss though. 🙂 So for now it’s abandoned. It pains me, but perhaps I’ll resurrect it later. Who knows.

The good thing is that I can now get back to projects I feel a lot move love for, like….well, just looks above. 😉