You have completed Zektor one…

YES!…I finished Zektor a couple of days ago. The game itself is 100% finished and all that’s missing is some music, but there’s still 2 months left of the competition so I hope can find someone who will compose something for me.

The game is not available for download yet…but will be soon.

Over the last couple of days I’ve prototyped 3-4 games, hoping one or more of my ideas could become a possible third remake for the competition. So far the answer is ‘no‘ though. One was too simple, one would have been too boring visually, one didn’t really work as well as I’d thought, and the final game requires too many graphical ressources for me to be able to do it in such a short time (but I still hope to do it some day).

Luckily I already know what my next game will be – it will be a remake of Space Fury which is by the same developers that made Zektor, so I still have a little more time before having to decide what to do after that game.
This weekend I will take the Zektor source code, strip it down, and start building Space Fury around it.
Stay tunes for updates.

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