Omega Race 2009 updated to version 1.4 (Windows only).

Someone commented on my YouTube channel recently about the controls on Omega Race 2006 and as part of my answer I suggested the person to try out the 2009 version. He answered me this;

“Since I was interested in the most basic retro B&W vector-licious experience I haven’t tried the 2009 version yet. It really does a good job of looking like a vector screen”

I usually put in a fair amount of options in my games, so in retrospect I’m kinda surprised that I hadn’t added a monochrome mode to my second version of Omega Race. Well, a couple of days ago I decided to do just that. 🙂

I added a monochrome mode – still using glowing lines, but as I was finishing it I thought to myself “hey, this is not what I wanted to add” so I also added a “pure clean line monochrome version” to it too. Very retro. 😀

I also added the option to adjust the amount of glow (in the modes that uses it) which is also present in a couple of my later vector games – just to give people a chance to tweak the look a bit…not all monitors are the same. I also added the option to toggle the background music off. Personally I love the music, but it does enhance the retro-feel to play it without music. Now the option is there so you can chose your preferred style.

Read more and download the game here.

Here’s a couple of screenshots from the updated version.

Glowing monochrome mode (click to enlarge).


“Pure line mode” (click to enlarge).


More Omega Race 2009…lots more.

It’s taken me a while, but I’ve not only (finally) managed to get to grips with my Mac but also solved a problem I had with the glowing vectors on Mac computers, so I’ve now successfully ported Omega Race 2009 to OSX. Yay!

At the same time I’ve also  updated the Windows version to v1.3, so the version numbers match.

The only real bug I’ve fixed in v1.3 is the mouse control. I’d put it into v1.2 but made a mistake so it could only be selected if there was a joystick/pad connected. D’oh! Now you can select it always. I’ve also made some changes to the scoring-screen, so it now shows a little more scores and it now also sends date and version number to the server so you can see when as score was achieved and if it’s from a Windows or Mac computer. Minor stuff really, but I hope you’ll upgrade the game to the latest version if you’ve downloaded it before.

I’m also nearly done with a complete re-write of it to the iPad, so hopefully it will be available there soon, too. 🙂

Now available for Mac OSX too.

Now available for Mac OSX too.

…and in case you were wondering: YouTube never got back to me – even after I wrote them 4 nice letters…they simply refuse to comment. Clearly they know they’ve handled thing wrong and can’t bring themselves to admit it.
Silly monkeys. 🙂