Fun fun fun…a small update

Good news…and bad too – as always 🙂

The good news is that I got some feedback on Rip Off from Oddbob and it was good – the only thing he mentioned as bad was a slight framerate dip for no apparant reason occasionally- which also happens to me. I don’t think it’s so bad in singleplayer mode – on my pc anyway…but it’s there and it’s annoying.

If my PC can play Bioshock it should, sure as hell, also be able to play Rip Off
(ok, I don’t get the best framerate in Bioshock either, but still…) 😉

I also had a friend over on monday night and we played the two-player mode for two solid hours and it was really fun – just like 25 years ago in the arcades…only we didn’t have to spend a lot of money on it. So it was great fun, and seemed bugfree, but unfortunately the slowdown Oddbob mentioned is worse in two-player mode because there’s more things on the screen.

So the bad news is that I can’t release the game this week, as I’d planned, but have to put on my thinkingcap instead and try to find out what part of the program causes the slowdown. Is it the 1000+ cos/sin calculations each second or is there particular function somewhere that is the cause of it?…that’s what I need to find out before I release the game.So it’ll be a little while longer before it’s completely done.

I felt like experimenting last night, but since I had no athletic 25 year old blonde girl handy I decided to poke and prod Rip Off instead.  I’m now pretty sure I know what’s causing the slowdown and I even have a crazy idea how to fix it, but it’s going to be a quite extensive rewrite – but it should eliminate the problem completely (if I can make it work that is).

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