WIP resurrection – Neon Invasion Earth.

I (annoyingly) haven’t been very productive the last couple of years, but I (also annoyingly) have several WIP’s that are very far in development, but for some reason or other has stalled.

One of these games is “Neon Invasion Earth” – a game I started working on back in 2010. Originally just the idea of a very simple circular Invaders game, but one guy really liked the idea and gave me lots of suggestions for enhancements … and so it evolved. Unfortunately, efter a while, he fell off the edge of the Earth and without his input and testing, development on it stalled and the approximately 90% complete game has been in limbo for at least 5 years. But no more – I’ve started working on it again and you can expect a release very soon. 🙂

In its new form the game will be a lot easier than originally intended. Originally you’d have to complete the first 10 levels to be able to start at level 10. Then you’d have to play until level 25 before being able to start a game there, etc. You can see what I mean from this picture.

Old way of selecting which level to start at.

But I’ve now changed it to this more classic way of doing it, so you can now start at any level you’ve reached. You still only get 3 lives but you can keep trying to complete a single level until you get it right. So it won’t be as devastatingly difficult as it originally would have, but hopefully it’ll be more fun and less frustrating.

New way of doing it. It’ll be much easier to progress this way.

Ironically enough, a week ago I jokingly wrote in my personal New Years message on Facebook, that one of my wishes for 2017 would be “no alien invasions” …and now – just a week later – I’ve decided to put out a game about aliens invading Earth. Funny how things work out sometimes. 🙂

Anyway, more about it soon, when it’s done. Stay tuned. 🙂

Omega Race 2009: Remake of the month

Not only do I get a mention in the latest issue of Retro Gamer Magazine,
but Omega Race 2009 is reviewed and awarded “Remake of the month“.

Me=happy. 🙂

Here’s a small scan of the article (I’m not posting the whole article as I don’t want to step on anyones toes).

Omega Race races ahead.
Omega Race races ahead.

Meanwhile I’m getting ready for my vacation tomorrow – 2 weeks away from work. I need that. I’m not going anywhere though – just hoping for 2 weeks of rain so I don’t have to feel bad about sitting in front of the computer. 😀  One of my plans are to see if I can bang Psycho Pigs into shape by rewriting the AI in (again). I’ll let you know how it goes. 🙂

A little Zektor update.

Fingers are tapping away at the keyboard and things are happening.
Here’s a small preview of the menu which is complete.
Still a lot missing on the game itself.

Click picture to enlarge to fullsize. Game is running in 1024*768.

Click picture to enlarge to full size